Make-It-Your-Own Garden Stirfry

Do you need a one-pot recipe you can customize to your family's tastes or what you have in your fridge? This simple stirfry pairs Thankful Harvest beef, chicken, lamb, or pork with whatever vegetables you have on hand. Mix and match ingredients and spices based on your preferences. The possibilities are endless! Ingredient Amounts: 2-3…
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Easy Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are the star of every party or potluck, and they come with a reputation for being a time-consuming food. Yet the recipe title says easy. Wait, deviled eggs are easy? Yep! If you already have hard-boiled and peeled eggs, it takes just a few minutes and some simple ingredients to take them up…
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Hard-Boiled Eggs

Do you want a quick food to grab for school lunches, picnics, or road trips? Hard-boiled eggs made with Thankful Harvest soy-free eggs make the perfect, protein-packed lunch for anything you have on your calendar. Try them by themselves, with a little salt, or chopped as a topping for your salad! Ingredients: 12 Thankful Harvest…
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