Farm History

Taken before a field day on our farm.

The first generation: In 1937, Hans and Marion Knudsen purchased 160 acres of farmland in northwest Iowa. Their house still stands.

The second generation: Bev Knudsen Meyer, Tom's mom, is retired and lives on the farm, 1/2 mile down the gravel road from our house.

The third generation: Tom and Kristi German moved back to the farm in 1994 and began transitioning the farm to be certified organic in 1999 .

The fourth generation: Morgan and Daniel (21, twins), and I (Grace, 19) grew up on this farm; it provided our playground and pur first jobs.

Today, the second, third, and fourth generations all live on farm purchased almost 80 years ago. Through the generations, it has grown to almost 400 acres in total. In 2003, the six of us started Thankful Harvest to provide customers with quality food from a certified organic farm and livestock: 100% grassfed beef and lamb, without exceptions; and free-range soy-free poultry and eggs.

It was our mission then, and it is the same today.

Just like the land, it remains through the years.

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