Our family has been buying meat from Thankful Harvest for at least three years and truly love the beef. The steaks are truly some of the best tasting, tender steaks we buy. Ordering is very simple, and it is great to have the meat delivered to our door! Tom and Kristi run a very well-organized business. We are thankful for them.

Barrie and Greg,

We've been buying from Thankful Harvest for many years and our family has always enjoyed the extraordinary taste and quality of the the meat but most of all...the incredible customer service! Delivery to our home and business is extremely convenient and saves us so much time - it's almost too good to be true! We highly recommend Thankful Harvest to anyone who cares about the quality of the meat they're putting into their body as well as knowing the animals were humanely raised on beautiful green pasture.

Jonathan & Megan Patton,