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Our Pledge to You

Our Pledge to You

Thankful Harvest Farm is an organic farm committed to sustainable practices. This means any product you buy from Thankful Harvest Farm is free from harmful chemicals, hormones, and synthetic preservatives. We are also committed to carefully tending our organic farm. We will not put anything on the ground that could harm our soil or groundwater. You have our word.

We go beyond the industry requirement of beef to be considered 'pasture raised' on our organic farm.

The cattle on our organic farm are 100% grass fed. They receive no animal byproducts or grain feed or grain by-products in their diets. In the winter months, when grazing is severely limited our cattle are fed organic forage that has been cut and stored for them. But during the growing season, we cycle our herds from pasture to pasture. This cycle provides our cattle and other livestock an optimal nutritional diet for the purpose of feeding your family.

We Promise You:

  • No antibiotics or hormones are used on our herds
  • No chemical fertilizers are applied on our fields
  • No herbicides or pesticides are applied on our fields
  • No synthetic preservatives are used in any of our organic meat products.

We Promise Cost Savings for Customers Who Buy in Bulk

If you have a large family switching from grain fed beef to grass fed beef may seem too expensive to you. This may be true if you are buying retail. But if you buy from Thankful Harvest you can save money on grass fed meat. We provide consumers with cost saving purchase options and convenient home delivery. Families are welcome to buy in bulk and save money.

We offer beef bundles for sale at an inexpensive flat rate price. This way you can enjoy steak on a hamburger budget. Customers can purchase as little as 10 pounds of beef in our smallest bundle. We sell bundles of any size to customers who prefer to buy in bulk and have ample freezer space. You simply tell us the size of bundle that fits you. See our order area for bundle details.