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Our Mission

Quality beef comes from healthy cows. At Thankful Harvest we do our best to provide our herds with optimal living conditions, healthy natural food sources, and humane processing practices.

Quality Beef Starts with Nature's Best Animal Feed: Grass

For generations farmers have relied on pasture feeding to nourish their livestock. Corn and soy were introduced as livestock feed in the 20th century. Grain feeding looked like a cheap way to facilitate mass production of meat in the U.S. It fattened up the animals quicker and made them ready for market sooner. But several studies on the adverse affects of grain feeding have proven it to be unhealthy for both humans and cattle alike.

Today there are a growing number of consumers looking for quality beef that is both flavorful and nutritious. This has made quality grass fed beef a popular choice for consumers.

Our cattle graze on pastures where they enjoy a low stress environment. This creates healthy cattle that produce a much more nutritious, flavorful quality beef. Our 100% grass fed farm employs pasture raised techniques. This means that we have a variety of animals on our farm to provide better grass and balance the ecosystem. Our sheep make life better for our cows and vice-versa. Sheep graze different kinds of grass and plants than cows. Their presence, along with the turkeys and chickens promotes an overall good farm management practice and a better quality beef.

Our Beef Comes from Carefully Pastured Herds

  • We select pasture grasses and legumes suited to our soil and climate.
  • Our vegetation nourishes the cows and the soil.
  • We put nothing in the soil that could harm soil life or groundwater.
  • Our pastures are certified organic.

Our Beef is Processed Locally and Humanely

  • Cattle are processed in small batches to insure quality.
  • We use skilled, certified beef processors in a USDA inspected plant.
  • All our beef is aged, a traditional process for high quality premium meat.
  • No artificial ingredients, color, or preservatives are used.