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Our History


Our Organic Grass fed Beef Farm’s History

  Our organic farm, Thankful Harvest, is a sustainable family farm that has operated near Holstein, Iowa since 1999. We have been managing our organic grass fed beef and poultry since then. Kristi and I currently run the farm with my mom, Bev, and our three kids: Daniel, Morgan, and Grace.

Our organic grass fed beef farm has been in our family for over three generations. In the last 50 years many other cattle farmers have moved to modernize their operations, grain feed, and pen their animals. Instead, we transformed our farm into a sustainable certified organic grass fed beef and poultry farm. At Thankful Harvest we believe in farming practices that support sustainability and natural biodiversity. This preserves our land and provides you with quality organic grass fed beef and lamb that is high in essential fatty acids and lower in saturated fats than grain fed beef.

Why did we do this?

We wanted our organic grass fed beef to be artisan quality.
We wanted our organic grass fed beef to be healthier.
And we wanted to be good stewards of our land.

In the early 1990s Kristi and I came back to this Holstein, Iowa family farm to see our vision become a reality. We had both graduated from college and had spent time working in the business world. Our desire to raise healthy livestock and healthy children inspired us to create a unique pasture based farm.

Today we tend the land, the animals, and what goes into production for our our many organic grass fed beef and poultry customers. We proudly use centuries old sustainable farming methods to create the healthiest, tastiest restaurant quality beef for our customers.

We began our pasture based system in 1993. And we implemented certified organic management in 1999. Why don’t you try our artisan quality foods from Thankful Harvest and our partners?

Tom German